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"What sets Dr. de Jong's method apart from most others is the use of a 19-channel brain map and a standardized data base which are considered the most comprehensive method to determine the brain locations and frequency bands that need attention!"

The images below are representative of the brain mapping that I use in my office to determine the presence of abnormalities in brainwave activity.  As well as a clinical interview, I may also use 'paper and pencil' assessment inventories or computerized testing materials to gain a full clinical picture.  Brain mapping can be used to help identify head injuries, problems with attention or difficulties with mood and anxiety.  For more information about some of the tools I use take a look at.. Applied Neuroscience or send  me an e-mail at
The colour maps shown below, on the right side, are presented as if we were looking down at the client's head, with the nose on the top. In this case, the excessively high levels of activity are shown in red and excessively low levels are shown in blue.  If you look carefully, and refer back to the brainwave section, you can get a sense of the possible challenges for this client. High levels of theta on the right side of the brain, low levels of alpha at the left side back of the brain and very low levels of beta in the right side central region.

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Pictured below are 'slices' of the brain, from top to bottom, with high or low levels of activity coloured red or blue (only red in this case, can you spot it?). This three dimensional picture allows me to more precisely identify areas inside the brain that are responsible for the statistically abnormal levels of EEG activity that are observed on the colour maps shown above. This allows for greater precision in connecting the client's complaints to the specific region implicated in the mapping and developing a treatment plan.

The image shown below is another way to view the origins of EEG activity.  In this case, the client is showing deficient levels of Beta1 activity. 

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