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Biofeedback refers to the activity of monitoring ongoing physiological processess, for the purpose of changing or controlling those processes.Special equipment and specialized training are needed to use biofeedback or neurofeedback as a treatment modality. The AAPB website is an excellent resource for looking at various disorders and seeing the published effectiveness of biofeedback in dealing with these problems. The following is a short list of commonly trained physiological processes along with some of the symptoms that are related to the disregulation of these systems. If your interested in learning more, give me a call at (604) 999-5809 or send me an e-mail to

Heart Rate Training     Yes, you can train your heart rate and many clinical studies are showing that this training can have a profound effect on your mood (reduced anxiety, better sleep) and overall health. By learning how to control and maintain your heart rate at a peak range you can feel more relaxed, balanced and centred. If you'd like to learn more about HRV training, take a look at this article from the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe's web site.

Temperature Training You can learn how to control body temperature through biofeedback training.  This is important as a great deal of evidence has shown that learning how to control body temperature can result in a reduction of the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines and decrease stress levels. Take a look at the AAPB link to learn more about the effectiveness of biofeedback for the treatment of migraines.

Muscle Training Learning how to become aware of even slight changes in muscle tension, combined with other psycho-physiological training exercises such as 'temperature' or 'heart rate' training can bring about reductions in stress, fewer headaches, better athletic or professional performance and lasting changes to overall health.

Skin Conductivity Training
The process of learning how to modulate your level of stress can result in better overall performance in a variety of areas. Skin conductance training, for example, has shown to be an effective means to train athletes to perform at their best. Take a look at the following article that recruited members of theU.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Could also be useful for your golf game!

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