EEG and Biofeedback Health Solutions
You can imagine that with 100 billion cells, two hundred trillion connections, hundreds of neurochemicals and dozens of hormones that it is critical to locate the area of the brain that is not working normally and to figure out what 'waves' are not 'firing' as they should. What sets Dr. de Jong's method apart from many others is the use of a 19 - channel brain map and a standardized data base, the most comprehensive method to determine the brain locations and frequency bands that need attention!  Brainwave Biofeedback works when the correct location and frequencies are targeted.

Dr. de Jong is a registered psychologist who uses biofeedback, neurotherapy and neurofeedback (sometimes with psychotherapy) to treat ADD, ADHD, Autism and learning disabilities as well as psychological problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Call Dr. de Jong at (604) 999 5809 for information or e-mail.  

3292 Production Way, Suite 602, Burnaby, B.C.

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