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Working with an experienced 'Board Certified' professional gives you access to individualized training that is tailored to meet your particular needs and, dealing with an experienced neurofeedback practitioner means that changes to your treatment can be made when necessary.  Dr. de Jong can provide up-to-date feedback on your progress, provide personalized consultation outside of the office, adjust the neurofeedback training as needed and provide clinical psychotherapy services when necessary.

In addition to traditional neurofeedback training Dr. de Jong offers 'Live Z-Score Training.'  This newly developed neurofeedback system allows multiple sites to be trained simultaneously and is considered by many to be a breakthrough in the use of EEG biofeedback to optimize brain function.

The screen shown below is an example of a computer screen used in the biofeedback training.  In this case, a game of Pac-Man is being 'played' through the levels of activity produced by client's brainwave activity in three frequency bands: Theta, Beta1 and HiBeta. If you'd like to learn more, give him a call at (604) 999-5809 or e-mail him at

3292 Production Way, Suite 602, Burnaby, B.C.
The screen on the right is from Brainmaster. Take a look at the web site to see other screens at

There are virtually hundreds of different screens that produce the same effect: When brainwave activity reaches a criterion, there is movement and sound. In the case of the screen to the right, the pac-man moves and makes a sound as it eats the various 'dots' and accumulates points.

All or most of the brain training presents the brain's EEG activity in the guise of a video game or sometimes in the format of bars or lines (boring, but also effective).

The screen shot on the right is from the folks at Thought Technology. In this screen the client is trying to keep the
alpha waves 'in-sync.' When they are out of sync the ball in the middle of the gorilla moves to the right or to the left. Really nice screen to work with! Press TT
to see the Thought Technology site!

Brainmaster Screen Shot

Thought Technology Screen Shot

A different kind of training!!

You can contact Dr. de Jong by calling
(604) 999 5809 or by e mail at
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